About Us

Our mission is “to PRESERVE, PROTECT and ENHANCE wildlife populations on San Carlos for the benefit of the Tribe and for the benefit of the ecosystem”

15 Nov 2019
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5 Nov 2019
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Mission Statement

“To preserve, protect and enhance wildlife populations on San Carlos for the benefit of the Tribe and for the benefit of the ecosystem”


San Carlos Recreation & Wildlife Department

P.O. Box 97

San Carlos, AZ 85550

Phone:  (928) 475-2343

Fax:  (928) 475-2701

Email: recnwildlife18@gmail.com



Tim Stevens, SCRWD Director


Jerald Thompson Sr., SCRWD Acting Chief Ranger


Rose Rope, SCRWD Executive Accountant

Rose has been employed by the San Carlos Apache Tribe for more than 40 years.  She received her Business degree in 1975 at Eastern Arizona College and studied at Arizona State University.  Rose enjoys her job and “looks forward to seeing more improvements.” 



Daniel Juan, SCRWD Senior Biologist

Daniel has been with the San Carlos Apache Tribe Recreation & Wildlife department since 2006. Daniel graduated from San Carlos High School in 2000 and studied Renewable Natural Resources at the University of Arizona. He is an accomplished photographer and “loves the great outdoors.”  


San Carlos Recreation & Wildlife Commission

John Antonio Jr., Chairperson, SCAT Seven Mile Wash District Councilman

Ned Anderson Jr., Vice Chairperson, SCAT Bylas District Councilman

Dr. John Bush, SCAT Peridot District Councilman 

Velasquez Sneezy Sr., SCAT Gilson Wash District Councilman