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Our mission is “to PRESERVE, PROTECT and ENHANCE wildlife populations on San Carlos for the benefit of the Tribe and for the benefit of the ecosystem”

30 May 2017
Available Trophy Elk Hunts
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30 May 2017
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Black Bears are found throughout The San Carlos Apache Reservation at all elevations and habitats. Very limited hunting pressure provides hunters with an excellent chance at harvesting older age bears with skull measurements in excess of 19 inches. In addition to big Bears the San Carlos offers a wide variety of color phase. Bear hunts are divided into five main units (A,B,C,D and R-100) with each unit encompassing well over 400,000 acres. There are two hunts available in the Fall with a third hunt in the Spring.

Baiting is not allowed.

All Bear hunts are Tribal Guide Required. 

Black Bear Hunt Schedule


Activity: Period: Fee: No. of Licenses per Unit:
1st Fall Bear August 12-27, 2017 $700 A & B - 10 per unit
      C - 20 permits
      D - 5 permits
      R100/C - 3 permits
2nd Fall Bear October 07-15, 2017 $700 A,B,D - 5 per unit
      C  10 - permits
Spring Bear April 21 – May 06, 2018 $700 A or B - 20 per unit
      C 25 - permits
      D 5 - permits
      R-100/C - 3 permits

Tribal Member:

Acitiviy: Period: No. of Licenses per Unit:
1st Fall Bear August 12-27, 2017 All units/No limit
2nd Fall Bear October 07-15, 2017 All units/No limit
Spring Bear April 21-May 06, 2018 All units/No limit