Coues Deer

Our mission is “to PRESERVE, PROTECT and ENHANCE wildlife populations on San Carlos for the benefit of the Tribe and for the benefit of the ecosystem”

15 Nov 2019
Available hunts for 2019-2020
Non-Tribal Member Fishing Prices
5 Nov 2019
Opening Hours

The San Carlos Apache Reservation has become a premier place to hunt Coues Deer in all of the Southwest. Coues Deer, a small-sized subspecies of the eastern white-tailed deer, are considered a very challenging animal to hunt because they are so well camouflaged in their surroundings. 2 Hunting seasons are available for Non-members, the first in November and the second a rut hunt in January. Tribal members can hunt coues deer during the Rifle season in October or later in the year during the Archery only December hunt. San Carlos has 5 units open to Non-members for Coues hunts with each unit annually producing bucks scoring more than 120 inches. 

Coues Deer Hunt Schedule

Non Member:

Activity: Period: Fee: unit: Number of Licenses 
Coues Deer - November November 21- Dec. 1, 2019 $2,000 A 10
      B and C 15
     $1,500 D 10
     $3,000 R-100/C 2

Coues Deer - January
Dec. 28,  Jan. 03, 2020 $2,500 A, B, 5 per unit
      C 6
      D 10
  Jan. 04-10,2020 $2,500 A, B 5
      C 6
      D 10
  Jan. 11-17,2020 $2,500 A, B 5
      C 7
      D 10
  Dec. 28-Jan.17-2020 $4,000 R-100/C 4

Tribal Member:

Activity: Period: No. of Licenses per unit:
Coues Deer Rifle Ocy. 18-Nov. 03, 2019 All units/No Limit
Coues Deer Archery December 15-31, 2019 All units/No Limit

*4% Tribal Tax not included