Pronghorn Antelope

Our mission is “to PRESERVE, PROTECT and ENHANCE wildlife populations on San Carlos for the benefit of the Tribe and for the benefit of the ecosystem”

15 Nov 2019
Available hunts for 2019-2020
Non-Tribal Member Fishing Prices
5 Nov 2019
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Pronghorn Antelope populations occur on the San Carlos Apache Reservation on both the Big Prairie and Ash Flats. Antelope are carefully managed for trophy quality and only a limited number of tags are available though a lottery process each year. Hunters can explore over 100,000 acres of prime habitat and expect to harvest bucks in the mid to high 80 inch range.

There is an entry/application fee of $26.00 (1 entry per person per hunt). Lottery dates for the 2018-2019 Hunting Season is December 04, 2017 to February 24, 2018 with a drawing date of February 26, 2018. You may contact the Department for more information. 

Non-member Antelope hunts are Guide Required.

Antelope Hunting Schedule


Activity: Period: Fee: Description: Number of permits
1st Antelope

Aug. 2020

Aug. 2020

$4,000 Ash Flat  2
2nd Antelope

Aug. 2020

Aug. 2020

 $4,000 Ash Flat 2

Tribal Member:

Activity: Period: Fee: Description: LIMIT
Antelope Lottery Aug. 2020 $150 Ash Flat 1